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TIO reclassification process

14 October 2014

The TIO is reviewing our reclassification procedures. These procedures are important, as they allow service providers to ask for a review of our classification decisions in circumstances where the service provider believes the decision is wrong, or the service provider has additional information that may be relevant to the decision. Service providers can request the reclassification of a case on grounds including:

  • the matter is out of the TIO's jurisdiction as set out in the TIO Terms of Reference
  • the matter was resolved before the TIO registered a complaint
  • the complaint has been registered in the service provider's name incorrectly
  • the same complaint has been registered more than once
  • the service provider did not get the opportunity to consider the matter before the consumer came to the TIO, and the TIO Officer classified the matter as a Level 1 complaint instead of an enquiry (referral), or
  • the TIO has not followed its complaint handling procedures, for example, the complaint was progressed for non-response when a response had been received.

We are moving to have reclassification requests dealt with centrally by a specialist officer within our Dispute Resolution Division, rather than the requests being assessed by all team managers. We are taking a staged approach to implementing this new process and will centralise Level 1 reclassification requests during October 2014. This change is aimed at increasing the consistency in reclassification decisions, and allowing us to identify at an earlier stage opportunities to improve our decision making. Service providers will still have a right to request a reclassification review by the reclassification review officer.

We are planning further improvements to our reclassification process, including a new reclassification request form and a single email address for reclassification requests. We will consult with service providers as we progress this initiative.

Disputed credit default listing

case study - credit listing

Next step?              

  • make an online complaint
  • 1800 062 058                
  • Write PO Box 276
    Collins Street West Vic 8007                            
  • National Relay Service Call on 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 062 058            
  • Fax our consumer complaint form to 1800 630 614