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Changes to email notifications from 13 May 2016

12 May 2016

From Friday 13, May 2016, we will make changes to two notifications we send to providers about complaints:

1. Referrals for complaints within two to six year jurisdiction – the subject line will change which may require adjustment to email filters

2. Conciliation outcome emails – direct communication with providers about the actions required to finalise a case

Referrals for complaints within 2-6 year jurisdiction

The TIO Terms of Reference state that we can decide to look into complaints from consumers who became aware of a problem between two and six years ago.

Although there are not many of these cases, to improve the efficiency of complaint handling there will be new emails referring complaints that fall in the two to six year period. Our procedures give providers 20 days to respond to the consumer because of the age of the complaint.

The new subject line will be TIO <Case Number> - 20 day referral.

Providers may need to adjust their email filters to receive the new emails from 13 May 2016.

Conciliation outcome emails

To confirm the outcome and to close a conciliation case, the TIO usually sends the provider a copy of the outcome email to the consumer. The subject line of that email is “TIO case number # - Conciliation outcome.”

From Friday, 13 May 2016, when there are actions the provider needs to take to finalise the complaint, we will now send a direct communication that lists those actions and the due date. The subject line will remain the same - “TIO case number # - Conciliation outcome.”

It is important that providers read the contents of these emails carefully because there may be actions for them to complete. We will close a case when we send this email. However, if the actions listed in the email are not completed by the due date, we may reopen the case.

More information

If you have any questions about the new emails, please contact TIO Industry Engagement via email or on 03 8680 8424.

Phone and Internet Services In A New Home

Phone and internet services in a new home

Anita wanted to transfer internet services to her new address.

Next step?              

  • make an online complaint
  • 1800 062 058                
  • Write PO Box 276
    Collins Street West Vic 8007                            
  • National Relay Service Call on 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 062 058            
  • Fax our consumer complaint form to 1800 630 614