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Privacy notice 

  • We collect personal information about you in order to contact you and handle your complaint. We will share your personal information with the telecommunications provider your complaint is about, who may also provide your personal information to us. That provider or its staff may be overseas.
  • If you choose to provide us with sensitive information, for example information about your health, you consent to us collecting and disclosing that information unless you tell us otherwise.
  • If you choose to remain anonymous or withhold information, we may not be able to handle your complaint.
  • With your consent, or by law, we may provide your personal information to government agencies.
  • We may also provide your personal information to third parties for the purposes of improving our services.
  • You can access and correct personal information that the TIO holds about you and complain about a TIO privacy breach or how the TIO has handled your personal information.
  • To find out more, the TIO’s privacy policy explains how the TIO collects, handles and protects personal information about you, including information obtained from your representative.
  • After you submit your complaint you will be provided with a TIO reference number. Please keep a copy of that number for your records. 

Update your Complaint

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Your TIO reference number would have been provided to you when you first contacted us. TIO reference numbers are either 11 or 8 digits long, for example 2011/01/12345 or 10/123456. If you do not have your TIO reference number, you can still complete this form.
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Email address is the best way for us to respond to you about your complaint. We will also confirm by email that you submitted your complaint successfully.
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A telephone number where the TIO can reach you most of the time is useful so that we can talk with you about your complaint if we need to.
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If the TIO referred you to your telecommunication service provider's senior complaints department, it is an important part of our process for you to contact that department instead of the company's customer service area

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Landline connection

Case Study - Steve

A man asked a service provider to connect a line to his new house. The service provider told him he needed to have a trench dug first, and transferred him to a contractor to organise the work

Next step?

  • make an online complaint
  • 1800 062 058
  • WritePO Box 276
    Collins Street West Vic 8007
  • TTY1800 675 692
    National Relay ServiceCall on 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 062 058
  • Fax our consumer complaint form to 1800 630 614