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Types of jobs

We have numerous positions within our teams requiring a broad range of skills. These are general job descriptions for some of our teams.


  • The Enquiries team is the TIO’s “front-of-house” and generally the first point of contact when someone calls or emails us. Our Enquiry Officers make a record of the details of a complaint, clarify the outcomes a consumer is seeking and provide information relevant to the complaint. They decide if the complaint should be referred to the service provider to be resolved. This is a role that requires good communication, analytical and decision-making skills.
  • Most people who call us for the first time are unaware of our processes and what they need to do to resolve their complaint. As the first point of contact, it is the Enquiry Officer’s role to educate people about our process.
  • They must ensure people have realistic expectations of the timeframes and the possible outcomes of their complaint, and be confident that the information they give and the decisions they make align with our policies.
  • Those in the Enquiries team spend a lot of their day taking calls or reviewing correspondence. They handle Enquiries and Referrals, and direct unresolved complaints to the Investigations team for further action.


  • The Dispute Resolution team primarily handles complaints that are not resolved by referral. They do this through conciliation and investigation.
  • The team is made up of a number of roles including:
    • Dispute Resolution Officers, who conduct conciliations and investigations, and can also assist with first contacts when the business requires
    • Senior Dispute Resolution Officers, who are senior staff that provide technical guidance to dispute resolution officers and manage complex matters, and
    • Dispute Resolution Specialists, who are experienced dispute resolution practitioners with expertise in ADR.  
  • Conciliation and investigation involves clarifying the details of a complaint, obtaining information about the complaint, exploring options to resolve the complaint and weighing up the information to form a view about the merits of the complaint.
  • Conciliators and investigators must have well-developed problem-solving and analytical abilities, so they can identify pertinent issues and assess evidence to make a decision about a complaint. They also require advanced oral and written communication skills in order to assist parties to resolve disputes.

Industry Engagement

  • The Industry Engagement team manages relationships with service providers and is the primary point of contact for service providers with enquiries or concerns about the TIO.
  • The team liaises with service provider representative to develop a co-operative relationship and maintain the TIO’s image as a professional and independent organisation.
  • They focus on educating service providers about the TIO’s role as an alternative dispute resolution organisation.
  • By sharing feedback, Industry Engagement also help service providers and the TIO continuously improve their procedures and processes.


  • The Policy team develops and implements policies and position statements to improve the TIO’s complaint handling procedures.This team also provides advice to and prepares submissions for government, industry and other inquiries or reviews.
  • The team creates policies by compiling and analysing complaint data, reviewing cases that were assessed by the Enquiry and Investigations teams and liaising with consumer representatives, telecommunications providers and government agencies.
  • They regularly answer questions from staff about the TIO’s policy, position statements and industry codes. They also train others in the office to ensure that staff are handling cases appropriately and are correctly identifying complaint issues.

Corporate Services

  • The TIO also has positions in teams such as legal, finance, information technology, communication, human resources and administration services.

Faulty landlines

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