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Who We Are

Who we are

Providing an independent dispute resolution service is at the core of what we do. We are a not for profit (non Government) organisation that provides a free independent and accessible service across Australia for small businesses and residential customers who have a complaint about their phone or internet  service.

Our purpose is to provide a fair, independent and accessible dispute resolution services for the telecommunications industry that complies with Benchmarks for Industry Based Customer Dispute Resolution.  With over 200 employees, our people are supportive, collaborative and live our values  every day.  

Our Strategic Goals

  1. To provide an independent dispute resolution service that is efficient and effective without compromising integrity.  
  2. To collaborate, inform, and educate stakeholders to reduce complaints and improve telecommunication services    
  3. To be known, respected and accessible.  
  4. To build a resilient and sustainable organisation and infrastructure  

Our Values

Our values define how we operate as an organisation with each other and with our external stakeholders.


We are fair, impartial and ethical when we:

  • Hear all sides and listen with open minds  
  • Are reasoned, transparent and consistent in our decision making  
  • Act with high ethical standards, and  
  • Do what we say we will  


We work together, share insights and respect each other when we:

  • Communicate openly, constructively and professionally  
  • Are willing to help  
  • Respect each other’s knowledge and diversity, and  
  • Are considerate of others in our attitudes and actions  


We are innovative, quality driven and responsive when we:

  • Think ahead to make positive changes  
  • Take responsibility to improve through personal development  
  • Do it well every time, and  
  • Respond efficiently to stakeholder needs  

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Mobile Coverage

Mobile coverage

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Systemic Investigations team was alerted to a potential issue regarding consumers mobile coverage, by customers of a specific provider.

Next step?              

  • make an online complaint
  • 1800 062 058                
  • Write PO Box 276
    Collins Street West Vic 8007                            
  • National Relay Service Call on 1800 555 677 then ask for 1800 062 058            
  • Fax our consumer complaint form to 1800 630 614