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TIO Keywords List

07 December 2012

The TIO records ‘issues’ to capture the different concerns that are presented by each new complaint. Issues are selected from a choice of keywords that are aligned to industry codes or common complaint categories that the TIO has identified. TIO keywords are made up of three tiers with the first tier categorising the general subject matter of the complaint and the second and third tiers identifying the precise nature of the complaint.

Every new complaint involves at least one complaint issue. Some complaints can involve multiple complaint issues. The TIO also updates the issues (keywords) for unresolved complaints that are escalated to a higher case level.

The TIO’s keywords list is now available on the member portal to give members an understanding of how the TIO records its ‘issues’ data.

Examples of three tiers of keywords

  • BILLING AND PAYMENTS > Disputed Usage Charges > Roaming Charges
  • CONTRACTS > Summary of Offer > Not provided
  • CREDIT MANAGEMENT > Collections Agents > Disputed Debt
    FAULTS > Delay: CSG service > Fully Unusable

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